How To Effortlessly Craft 6-Link Items In Path Of Exile 3.24 SSF? (2024)

In the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League, a 6-link refers to a weapon or body armor with 6 linked sockets, allowing you to support a skill gem with 5 support gems. The damage potential from this setup is multiplicative, meaning each additional support gem significantly amplifies the damage output, sometimes by over 50%. So how can we get them in SSF? Let's explore these approaches together!

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Divination Cards

First, let's talk about divination cards. Divination cards are rewards from either random or specific monsters. The most common ones typically give you some POE Currency, but there are specific divination cards that offer 6-link items as a reward. You can also influence the drop chance of divination cards using scarabs. In particular, the Divination Scarab is very effective for this.

Examples of these divination cards that are quite common include the Porcupine for a 6-linked Short Bow, The Chains that Bind or the Dapper Prodigy for a 6-link armor, The Emperor of Purity for a 6-link Holy Chainmail, or Imperial Legacy for a 6-linked Imperial Bow.

Head over to where the divination cards drop. For example, The Chains that Bind only drops in dungeons like the Cage, Cells, Dungeon, Penance, Shavronne's Tower, the Control Blocks, and the Slave Pens. You can kill monsters in these areas, and they have a chance to drop the Chains that Bind. Collect them, and then you have your 6-link armor.

Tainted Orb Of Fusing

For the next method, let's break down the process step by step. Firstly, we'll focus on acquiring Tainted Orbs of Fusing, which drop from Beyond Demons and can also be obtained from Tainted Currency applied to maps in the Necropolis League.

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While these orbs are rare, they become more accessible with increased focus on the Beyond content within the Map Device and Atlas tree. It can either add or remove a link on the corrupted item. This mechanic is crucial for the strategy, as we'll use it in conjunction with bench crafting to create a 6-link corrupted item.

In the Solo Self-Found (SSF), you may come across a valuable but relatively common unique item, such as a Heretic's Veil, which is frequently utilized in various bow builds. To acquire this item, run an Alva Temple to double corrupt it, or simply use a Vaal Orb to corrupt it and hope for a favorable implicit modifier. Assuming you succeed in obtaining a decently corrupted unique item, the next goal is to 6-link it.

Bench Crafting

The next method I'm going to talk about is quite straightforward. In your hideout, you'll have access to a crafting bench. Once you've found the 6-link recipe, which can drop somewhere in Act 8, you can turn 6 sockets into 6-link sockets.

If you don't have the recipe for all crafts you're missing, you can simply scroll down on the crafting bench, and it will tell you where that craft is. The recipe for 6-linking an item costs about 1,500 Orbs of Fusing, but at least it's a certain method.

Omen Of Connections

There's a technique that allows you to guarantee a 6-link result using just one Orb of Fusing with the Omen of Connections. The Omen of Connections is quite rare, and it seems to drop from monsters, making it an exclusive reward obtained from engaging in the Ritual mechanic. During Rituals, you may occasionally receive the Omen of Connections as a reward.

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Place it in your inventory and travel to a fresh zone to ensure that no other Omens have been triggered, as they can only activate once per zone. With this Omen in your inventory, use an Orb of Fusing on the desired item to guarantee the maximum number of links. It's crucial to ensure that the item in question either already has 6 sockets or has the potential to reach 6 links.


In the Path of Exile 3.24, you can capture beasts, go to the Menagerie, offer beasts at the Blood Altar, and craft all sorts of gear and fixes. This batch introduced a new Beast to the game: the Black Morgan, who was previously a boss in other leagues. The Black Morrigan doesn't normally spawn, but only appears in the map if you use a specific Scarab, the Bestiary Scarab of the Shadowed Crow.

This Scarab is fairly rare, but you can use the Atlas strategy to get more scarabs and block the ones that you don't want. What you need to do is run a map with Einhar, make sure that he's actually in the map with the Bestiary Scarab of the Shadowed Crow, and also with the Bestiary Scarab of Duplicating so that when you capture the Black Morrigan, you can get 2 copies for crafting.

Then you head to the Menagerie, and the Blood Altar is giving you a recipe to craft a 6-link item. Any item with 6 sockets can be 6-linked using this, as long as the item isn't corrupted. This is a truly amazing way to 6-link armor and weapons, including unique ones in Solo Self-Found (SSF).

How To Effortlessly Craft 6-Link Items In Path Of Exile 3.24 SSF? (2024)
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