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Barbara Mighdoll

One thing I didn’t think about needing to do after having my baby was finding the best postpartum loungewear for my changing body. Maternity clothes were too big after week 1 postpartum, but my body, and especially my c-section incision, weren’t ready to fit into my pre-baby loungewear.

Not only are you adjusting to life with a newborn, but you also are adjusting to a number of body changes after childbirth. From a squishy, deflating belly, to sweating, engorged breasts, swelling of your feet, stitches, the list goes on. That’s why it's so important to plan for comfortable clothing to lounge around your home in postpartum. Check out my full postpartum checklist for more tips to best prepare for this journey after birth.

I gave birth during summer for both my kids, and was so hot I defaulted to comfy shorts and a nursing bra most days. You will be spending a lot of time at home, so why not invest in some comfortable loungewear that makes you feel good and helps with your recovery?



  • Understanding Postpartum Loungewear
    • Importance of Comfortable Clothing Postpartum
    • Typical Schedule in the Early Postpartum Days
  • What Do You Wear Postpartum?
  • The Best Postpartum Loungewear Round Up
    • Eberjey Gisele TENCEL™ Modal Slouchy PJ Set in Black
    • Hatch Robe + Bra + Joggers
    • Hatch The 24/7 Jumpsuit
    • Eberjey Inez Washable Silk Short PJ Set in Navy
    • Bearsland Maternity Nursing Sweatshirt
  • Shopping Guide
    • Key Factors to Consider
    • Where to Buy Postpartum Loungewear
    • Sizing Guide for Postpartum Clothes
  • What Should I Wear 2 Weeks Postpartum?
  • What Should I Wear After Postpartum Recovery?

Understanding Postpartum Loungewear

Your body undergoes significant changes during and after pregnancy, and that's where loungewear steps in. Designed specifically with new moms in mind, these pieces provide that much-needed comfort and ease of movement, while also being stylish enough for those unexpected visitors.

Importance of Comfortable Clothing Postpartum

As you adjust to life with your little one, the last thing you need is to worry about your clothes. Comfortable clothing after baby is not just a luxury, it's essential. It aids in recovery, simplifies breastfeeding, and makes life easier during sleep-deprived days. Wouldn't you prefer to be wrapped in soft, stretchy fabric while soothing your baby at 3 AM, rather than something restrictive and uncomfortable?

Typical Schedule in the Early Postpartum Days

It’s a lot of lounging. Hanging at home, laying in bed, relaxing on the couch, rocking the baby in a glider. You aren’t galavanting around town right away, so dress for the cozy part.

What Do You Wear Postpartum?

So, you're well aware of the importance of comfortable clothing after childbirth, but what exactly should you wear? Not all loungewear is created equal. The best postpartum loungewear strikes the perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and style to feel more like yourself, and appropriate to leave the house should you find the energy and courage.

Maternity leggings, nursing tops, loose dresses, and wrap robes are all fantastic options. Throw in some soft, supportive underwear (yes, we're talking those big, high-waisted ones) and you've got yourself an easy postpartum wardrobe to transition from night to day-time without thought.

Aside from clothing, we highly recommend investing in comfortable slippers like these Ugg Slippers.

The Best Postpartum Loungewear Round Up

I've rounded up some of the best postpartum loungewear that marries comfort with style, and each piece is a worthy addition to your new mama wardrobe.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (2)

Eberjey Gisele TENCEL™ Modal Slouchy PJ Set in Black

The TENCEL™ Modal fabric is a dream against postpartum skin – cooling, buttery soft, and perfect for sensitive areas. Plus, the slouchy cut is just the right side of casual chic.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (3)

Hatch Robe + Bra + Joggers

The Hatch trio is an all-day, every-day kind of set – perfect for napping, nursing, and everything in between. And the best part? It's super easy to whip off when inevitable baby messes occur.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (4)

Who says you can't be sporty and snug at the same time? This track set is a perfect example of how practicality can meet style in the best postpartum loungewear. It's designed specifically for nursing mommas, and trust me, the easy-access top is a game changer.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (5)

Quince SuperSoft Fleece Shorts & Hoodie

Embrace cozy vibes with this super soft fleece postpartum loungewear set. The shorts and hoodie combo is perfect for those warmer months when you still want to snuggle up but don't fancy overheating. So, yes, you can be comfy without compromising on style.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (6)

Hatch The 24/7 Jumpsuit

This one-and-done outfit is the epitome of easy dressing. It's chic, it's comfortable, and it's perfect for those times when you've got your hands full but still want to feel put together.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (7)

Lululemon Align Super High Rise Leggings & Perfectly Oversized Crew Sweatshirt

It's no secret I’m obsessed with the Super High Rise Align leggings from Lululemon for pregnancy. I wore a size-up in these leggings throughout my entire pregnancy, and loved how these same pants transitioned for me through postpartum. Be sure to purchase the “Super High Rise” style instead of the normal High Rise to accommodate your bump or shrinking belly, plus this extra high waist provides good coverage when lifting up this complimentary oversized sweatshirt for nursing.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (8)

Eberjey Inez Washable Silk Short PJ Set in Navy

This luxe silk PJ set is all about making those late-night feedings as glamorous as possible. And trust me, when you're up at 2 AM, you'll appreciate the silky smoothness against your skin.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (9)

Designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, this set is perfect for both maternity and nursing stages. The top has easy pull-down nursing access, and the full-length pants feature a stretchy, smocked waistband for ultimate comfort.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (10)

Bearsland Maternity Nursing Sweatshirt

This Bearsland maternity sweatshirt is super practical, especially for those of you venturing out in the colder months. The discreet nursing access allows for hassle-free feeding, and the comfy fabric is perfect for lounging around at home.

New Mom Essential: Best Postpartum Loungewear (11)

This 3-piece set from Angel Maternity is perfect for the first few weeks after baby. The set includes a nursing friendly long-sleeve shirt, comfy pants and matching gown for your baby. Super cute and nice neutral colors here.

Key Factors to Consider

Selecting Dark Colors

While pastels and light hues may seem appealing, dark colors are your best bet for comfy postpartum loungewear. It's not just about aesthetics. Dark colors hide any spills or stains that are all too common when caring for a newborn. So, think blacks, blues, and deep purples.

Nursing-Friendly Requirements

Postpartum loungewear should be nursing-friendly. Look for features like clip-down straps, button-down designs, or wrap-front styles that provide easy access for breastfeeding.

Considerations for C-Sections

If you've had a C-section, comfort around your abdominal area is key. The best loungewear are those with high-waisted pants or adjustable waistbands that won't irritate your incision.

Where to Buy Postpartum Loungewear

Shop at the same retailers you found your best maternity wear. I love Hatch, Nordstrom, Amazon’s postpartum loungewear selection.

Sizing Guide for Postpartum Clothes

When shopping for clothes after childbirth, keep in mind that your body won't instantly revert to its pre-pregnancy shape. Initially, you may still need maternity sizes, while later on, you might be a size or two larger than your pre-baby size. Sizing varies across brands, so always check the size charts and read reviews.

What Should I Wear 2 Weeks Postpartum?

Week two can be a tricky stage. You're caught between maternity clothes and your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. But here's a tip: Don't rush. Live in your postpartum loungewear sets for a while. Loose dresses, stretchy pants, and oversized shirts can be your best friends during this transitional phase.

What Should I Wear After Postpartum Recovery?

Once you've sailed past the recovery period, it might be tempting to dive straight back into those pre-pregnancy clothes. But hold on! Your body is still adjusting and comfort should still be your top priority. Continue to embrace roomy dresses, elastic waistbands, and, yes, your favorite loungewear. If you're looking for the best postpartum jeans, be sure to check out this article: click here.

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I live in San Francisco with my husband, Jason, toddler, Caden, one year old baby, Willow, and Bernese Mountain Dog, Bear. I previously held multiple VP of Marketing roles at tech startups before deciding to take the leap to build New Modern Mom full time in an effort to find fulfillment and flexibility in my life. I also was a fitness instructor in an earlier life. I created this space to curate the best products and real advice on pregnancy, motherhood, cooking, travel and more to make doing it all for ambitious moms like me a whole lot easier.

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