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So you’ve given birth and it’s time to get back into your regular clothes. But when should you buy new clothes? There’s no easy answer to this question and it depends on your personal circ*mstances. If the scale is not budging and your pre-pregnancy jeans don’t fit anymore, then it good to get a few outfits straight away for you to feel good in! Even if you buy just one outfit, it will make you feel good to have something that fits your new shape, now. If you are breastfeeding, you might want to invest in some lovely breastfeeding tops, the sooner the better.

The first few weeks of your postpartum recovery are hard enough without worrying about what you’re going to wear. You’ve got plenty of other things on your mind, like getting back into shape and caring for your newborn. And let’s face it, shopping isn’t top priority at this point!

When you give birth, it’s not uncommon for your body to experience some major changes. You may be having trouble fitting into old clothes or dealing with new postpartum weight fluctuations that make them baggy in all the wrong places!

You will almost certainly continue to lose weight over the next few months. It also depends on whether or not you plan to exercise or eat healthfully at any point in the future following. I discovered that purchasing new clothes after a couple of months made me feel significantly better. I was able to put on normal clothes (even if they were in larger sizes) for the first time in months, and it made me feel like a normal human being once more. Just make sure you don’t toss away all of your old clothes. I did this after having my first child, and ultimately all of the weight gradually came off over the course of the year after her birth, and I found myself in the position of having to buy new clothes.

With my second child, I was able to use most of the larger clothing I had purchased during my first postpartum period, and initially and after I started eating healthy and exercising, I lost a significant amount of weight and got into good shape, and I’ve maintained that shape for the past six years. To keep myself in shape, I’m only wearing leggings and stretchy pants for the time being. In order to dress for this postpartum phase, I purchased a number of flowing blouses, flannel shirts, and loose sweaters, all of which are items that I wouldn’t mind wearing when I thin down again in the future.

The time can feel like an eternity when you’re struggling between buying new clothing and washing what little maternity wardrobe remains (it’ll come back around). Additionally, there are other considerations such as breastfeeding which should factor into this decision; plus moms might want something special just because they had their babies at home without any complications so consult someone close if possible before diving head first onto retail floors

How to Buy Clothes Postpartum

Everyone talks about life with a new baby after pregnancy, but no one prepares you for life with a completely new body postpartum. I distinctly remember going shopping after having my first child. I was so excited my pregnancy jeans were too big. That excitement quickly turned to embarrassed tears when I had to go back to the rack 3 times for the next size up. I was in complete shock. Here are 4 truths I could have used back then.

Clothes Shopping. The dreaded phrase that puts fear in all post-partum moms. What do you mean I can’t wear yoga pants and maternity clothes with elastic waistbands for the rest of my life?? I knew my body would change after having children, I was fine with that. What I wasn’t fine with is how jeans and other clothes for that matter suddenly made my bottom half appear. Let’s be honest, having children makes your hips widen, thighs fuller, and bottom a little more…plentiful. My bottom half among other things are not in the same place they once were prior to having children. Therefore I do not need a pair of jeans that highlight certain things that have changed since becoming a mom. Yet, I was still wanted to be fashionable and stylish at the same time.

Honestly, it’s pure panic when you go shopping after having a child. You might accidentally find yourself in the dressing room, trapped inside a size large juniors dress that fit perfectly nine months ago. Yes, I did have to facetime my best friend for moral support and ask her to kindly call the store I was in and get someone to help me out of the dress. I also do not want to wear sweatpants to special events, I do not think my friends would invite me out ever.

Please be aware, I am far from a fashionista, just a mom that wants to be stylish while wearing clothes that appreciate my new post-partum body. I wanted to share with you a few things I have discovered on how to avoid the dreaded mommy jeans yet still stay comfortable and fashionable as a mom in things aside from sweatpants (which I would personally prefer to wear all the time.)

What clothes do I need for postpartum?

  • Spanx
  • Skirts
  • Little Black Dress
  • Jeggings
  • Pocket!


Your new best friend-You can wear them under jeans, dresses, skirts, and shirts! I would also like to mention you can still breathe in Spanx. We don’t want to hide our new lovely mommy body, this just helps smooth things over and keeps things in place.


I have found that when my postpartum body does not like to fit in jeans, skirts that flair away from the body are amazing! Maxi skirts are also my go-to when jeans don’t fit right.

Little Black Dress

I love wearing dresses after having a baby, I don’t want to have to suck anything in or be afraid something is hanging over or hanging out. Plus, this adds a little camouflage to certain areas we aren’t too comfortable with just yet.

It’s about the Pocket

Wear jeans and show off that new, curvy mommy body just be aware of the pockets. Pockets that are too high, too far apart or too wide create long butt. Nobody wants long butt when wearing jeans. You may have to try several different styles and brands until you find the perfect match so be patient and don’t give into the mommy jeans and long butt.

Regardless of what you wear, be it sweatpants, yoga pants, skirts, dresses or even mommy jeans be proud of your new body and be easy on yourself! That body of yours just did an amazing job and I can promise you that your babies do not care what you wear, what size you are or if there is a pair of spanx hiding underneath those clothes. Wear what makes you feel beautiful!

What size should I buy for postpartum?

Honestly, when it comes to postpartum clothing, going up a size is usually the best option. You’ll just be more comfortable and get something on a tight budget so that you don’t feel awful about spending money on something that will only be used for a few months.

At Should I Wear to Flatten My Tummy after Giving Birth?

Immediately following the birth of the child apostpartum wrap or band can be worn to help support your abdominal muscles shortly after giving birth, during the first few weeks after giving birth, when those muscles are at their most vulnerable. They can also provide light compression to assist in the shrinking of your uterus, although this will occur spontaneously in most cases anyhow.
Purchase some spanx to help suck that tummy in afterward.

Your Postpartum Wardrobe: When to Buy New Clothes? - Mommy and Love (2024)
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